BAK Motors Q&A

What is the philosophy of the company?

BAK Motors is defining itself as the world’s first digital car company.

We are using the latest virtual design processes from F1 and aerospace to design and engineer a car before any metal is cast, or any carbon fibre is moulded.

Similarly, we cannot be the most innovative and efficient car company if we are using wasteful funding methods from the 20th century. To be fully efficient, we must also use leading edge technology in the funding and financial side of the business.

I am 100% convinced that, with these 21st century design and funding technologies, we will be far more efficient than rivals who are still using techniques from the 20th century.

What is the philosophy behind the car?

We believe there is a gap in the market which we can fill. There are plenty of cars designed to meet a single target: the highest top speed, the fastest acceleration or the longest electric range. However, actual owners have a range of priorities, which shift in importance according to the circumstances and the mood. BAK Motors has developed radical new technology which means our car is uniquely capable of meeting the varying, and sometimes, conflicting needs of the driver.

When driving, owners want a car that is zero-emissions capable but offers the involvement and emotion of a traditional petrol engine supercar. They also want a car that is small enough and light enough to be thrilling on public roads – not something that is so big and heavy that its performance can really only be used on a 20-metre wide racetrack. Our Kincsem supercar will be the first model to meet these conflicting requirements.

However, it is not only about the driving experience. The car will be so beautiful that even the thousandth time you see it, you will still get a thrill. That comes from the purity and balance of the shape – the necessary beauty that comes from great functional design, not the melodrama of wings and splitters.

Have you got the right people to deliver?

If you ask a venture capitalist which ideas motivate them to invest, they will often reply “The people who have the ideas”. They know that the right people are the most important resource, because the right people will develop the right products and the right company.

In terms of assembling the right team of people, we think there are two parts to the process. The first part is the board and the advisors who fully understand the strategic issues of delivering a complex product programme with significant financial requirements. The second part is assembling the very best talent in the areas of design, engineering, production and marketing. The British specialists we are teaming up with are absolutely Number One in their field, not second, not third: they are the very best. It is important to me to team up with people and strategic partners who share the pioneer spirit. This is truly a team enterprise for the long-term – it is no short-term vanity project.

Will there be other models after the supercar?

The supercar is the first of our models, but it will not be the last. There are two types of car that all our target clients own: a supercar and an SUV. We think we can revolutionise the SUV market every bit as much as the supercar market. Our unique powertrain solution will be at the heart of a bespoke SUV platform that will be 500kg lighter than its competitors. That will open up a new world to the owners – an SUV that will have the agility and responsiveness of a luxury coupe. Today powerful SUVs are American footballers, but the BAK Motors SUV will be a gymnast.

SUVs are where the big volumes are. A supercar will sell in the hundreds, but a bespoke SUV will sell in the thousands. It is also largely unexplored territory. Most current luxury models share an existing platform that has to be cheap enough to support much lower-priced models, and there is no current model that keeps its weight to anywhere close to 2000kg. If the car weighs 2.5 tonnes, you have lost the battle to build an agile, responsive SUV before you have walked on to the field.

Why is the car going to be built in the UK, not in Switzerland?

Our first model will be developed and hand built in the UK.

However, we are looking at the very latest manufacturing technologies, as we are considering what was previously considered impossible. We are planning to establish a car production facility in Switzerland for future models.

The latest carbon-metal hybrid bodyshell production technologies require far less infrastructure and capex than traditional car factories. It is now possible to bridge the gap between low-volume hand assembly and high-volume, high-capex production lines. Production technology is a third area where BAK Motors will be a pioneer.

So, we can confirm that wealthy costumers from Switzerland who are purchasing the limited edition Kincsem models will make direct contribution to found our car production facility in this beautiful country.

That could be a milestone for the Swiss automotive industry. We think we should write the names of the first investors and customers at the future factory to commemorate their contribution.

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Why Switzerland?

1. Switzerland is the country where every European design and cultural influence can be found

2. Switzerland is the pioneer of the digital revolution in Europe

3. Switzerland perfectly combines industry, finance and natural beauty