About Us

The world's first fully digital car company.

Born on the blockchain in strategic partnership with one of the great names of Formula 1TM

Using the latest technology from Formula 1TM combined with the beautiful lines of one of the world's most admired car designers, this is a revolutionary approach to developing electrified vehicles. It will be developed in the world's most advanced digital environment, and honed by the best automotive engineers.

The latest AI and blockchain technology give extraordinary transparency and control by shareholders over the development and production budget.

Qualified Investors only via Sygnum Bank

Our Brands


Ultra-Luxury electrified Supercar and Super SUV

Premium SUV brand launch in 2022

BAK Motors is planning to utilize KINCSEM's latest cutting-edge technology in the premium SUV segment of the car market


Board of Directors


Tibor Bak

CEO and President

Stefan Peller

Vice President Legal and Strategy

Neil Edwards

Chief Technology Officer
(UK based)

Attila Karaszi

Member of Board of Directors

Advisory Board


Fergus McVey

Branding & Marketing

Jay Nagley

Product Strategy

Maroan Maizar

Financial Advisor
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Why Switzerland?

1. Switzerland is the country where every European design and cultural influence can be found

2. Switzerland is the pioneer of the digital revolution in Europe

3. Switzerland perfectly combines industry, finance and natural beauty